New Listings

I’ve been able to put up a few new listings lately, which has helped to organise a lot, but there is much more to do! Here are a few, and there are more! Please feel free to look around, and if you have any questions, please message me! Thank you!

Items made but not listed

I have finished several chainmail mail dice bags with differnt ties and cord stops, along with several 20″ half-Persian aluminum chainmail neckalces. But due to horrible lighting within the house and horrible weather outside I have not been able to take pictures of the most recent completed items.

I do have some decent photos of some dice bags that need to be listed, however I have just been slow to get them uploaded and copy written for them. The drive to make and create has overtaken the listing and sharing, sorry for that, and hopefully I’ll be able to list them soon. Thank you

Cord Locks

I had ran out of cord locks by not paying attention to my stock and ordering more, so all the chainmail dice bags that I ahve recently made are sitting here in a container awaiting cord locks, which I have just ordered today from the excellent people from Frontier Market Solutions!

Frontier Market Solutions (FMS) is the company I have been using for the cordlocks on all the chainmail dice bags, and I am extremely happy and thrilled at their durability and strength.   Thank you and I look forward to many more years of business with this great company.

Sincerely, Mark here at NorseWorks

Antler Rings, Caribou, Reindeer

Four caribou antler rings are finally listed on NorseWorks. Diagonal line design, triangular with circle and dot, circle and dot, and Algiz Rune (Rune of Protection).

All of these rings are stained with india ink and sanded/filed to a smooth finish and a light polish. Each individually made from raw caribou or reindeer antler.  Size 6, 6-1/4, 6-3/4.  I enjoyed making these rings and I hope you enjoy them as well.

antler ring

Caribou antler ring, with triangular circle and dot viking design NorseWorks

Caribou antler ring with viking diagonal design NorseWorks

antler ring,

Caribou antler ring with line and circle and dot viking design NorseWorks

antler ring Algiz,

Caribou antler ring with Algiz (Rune of Protection)NorseWorks