Greetings!  I am a disabled Vet that has been crafting and creating chainmail, chainmaille, or maille for about 25 years, give or take a few months.  I”ve been working off and on with leather for over 20 years as well and then there is the antler and bone carving which I started to dabble in over 14 years ago.  I almost forgot to mention the armour and metal work that has been completed over the past 18 or so years as well.  Ancient times, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Viking, Dark Ages, Medieval era, Renaissance are all areas that have had a vast influence on me in the past.

I found myself gravitating towards Norse or Viking and Celtic items more and more through the years, with of course various interpretations and combinations of other cultures mixed in.  I believe this may be due to when my grandmother passed away.  She was a vast force in my early years and a full-blooded Norwegian woman who taught me to crochet, sew and attempted to teach me to knit as well.  With her passing, I found myself doing more Norse inspired items and creating more chainmail, with variations that have been found here and there throughout archeological sites.

I have spent time in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Italy (far to briefly), England, All of the United States, except Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, and Connecticut.  Learning from so many people has allowed me to absorb and modify many teachings to my own through the years.  Everyone has something to teach, just being open to that has helped me.  Seeing some of the World has also given insights into various cultures and how they do things.

Inspiration abounds all around us, coalescing that inspiration into a fruitful endeavour is another matter entirely.  Create and enjoy yourself.  I do this because I enjoy and love it, not for the money.  I teach when I can, and help out those that I can.

Mark “Magnus”

Replies are welcome!

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